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School Site Council (SSC)

The Longfellow School Site Council is the community group that deals mostly closely
with the school's educational functions. The Site Council consists of administration, teachers, and parents. Beyond the normal path through the school's teachers and administration, the Site Council is a natural entrance point for discussions of the
academic program, student enrichment, and district resources.

The Site Council formally reviews the school's Site Plan, which discusses how the school can best meet the educational needs of students (in the areas of English Language Development, Math, English Language Learners, and Health and Safety, as measured by indexes like API and APY) using discretionary resources from federal and state sources.

Beyond this formal role, the Site Council meets monthly to discuss ways to maintain and improve the school, long term planning for the school, including accounting for changing populations, and methods to establish and increase community involvement.
The members of the Site Council represent the larger community and are open to input anytime.

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